Crazy Time Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time is the most promising game from Evolution Gaming. It was presented in june 2021 and is the most played live casino game ever. Why? Because it’s an amazing game. Here you can find out how to play this game and where you can play it.

The inventor of this magnificent game is Evolution. A Scandinavian game provider that already invented some of the best live casino games. Read our how to to exactly find out how this game works and how you should play it. We also added a few online casinos where you can play Crazy Time. The casinos threw in a nice bonus for you, so be sure that you sign up with them. Have fun with Crazy Time!

How to Play Crazy Time

1. Go the Casino Lobby. Then, Click on Live Casino and Go to Crazy Time.

The online casino takes you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where a host or hostess presents the game.

Crazy Time Studio

2. How To Place Bets?

Crazy Time has 8 betting options. There are 4 different numbers to bet on and 4 different bonuses.

Crazy Time place bets

3. The Wheel of Fortune is Spun

The host spins the wheel.

Crazy Time wheel is spun

4. The Basic Multiplier is Determined

Every game, there is a basic multiplier. This is randomly linked to one of the 8 betting options. If the wheel stops at this betting option, the multiplier becomes active.

Crazy time multiplier

5. The Wheel Stops at a Number

If the wheel comes to a stop and the flipper points to a number your bet on this number, you’ll receive tour bet back and your bet  will be multiplied by the number.

Crazy time number wins

6. Or the Wheel Stops at a Bonusgame

If the wheel stops on one of the bonuses, the bonus becomes active. If you placed a bet on the active bonus, you will participate, otherwise, you will be a spectator.

Crazy Time bonus game

7. Payout

The game has ended and if you have won, the prize won will immediately be added to your account. After this,  the next round starts.

Crazy Time payout

Crazy Time Game Rules

Just like Monopoly Live and Dream catcher, Crazy Time is also a game show built around a wheel of fortune. The wheel has 54 segments with 8 different values on it. A hostess hosts the game and spins the wheel. There are 8 different bets to play.

To participate you must bet on at least 1 of the 8 options, but more is also allowed. You can even bet on all 8 possible options. The minimum bet is €0.20 and the maximum bet is €1000.00.

Bonus Games

In addition to the 4 numbers you can bet on, there are also 4 bonuses you can bet on. These bonuses are named:

There are 9 segments with a bonus on the wheel. There are 4 segments of Coin Flip, 2 segments with Cash Hunt, Pachinko twice, and only one segment with Crazy Time.

If the wheel stops on one of the bonuses, this bonus game is activated. If you placed a bet on this bonus, you will participate in the bonus game. 9 of the 54 boxes are bonus games, so on average 1 in 6 spins is a bonus game. You will definitely have a “crazy time” (pun intended) playing this game.

Coin Flip

There are 4 segments with Coin Flip on the wheel. If the flipper stops on Coin Flip then this bonus game is activated. 2 Multipliers appear, one in a red circle and one in a blue. If you have placed a bet on Coin Flip, you may choose one side of the coin. A mechanical arm throws a coin and if your choice of color ends face up, your bet on Coin Flip is multiplied.

Cash Hunt

There are 2 segments with Cash Hunt on the wheel. If the flipper stops on Cash Hunt, this bonus game is activated. With Cash hunt, 108 symbols appear in a large window. 9 rows of 12 symbols with a multiplier hidden behind each one. The symbols will then all change places. Once they stop moving you aim a cannon at one of the symbols. When you’ve selected a symbol and the cannon fires, the multiplier hidden behind the symbol appears and this multiplier is activated on your bet.


There are 2 segments with Pachinko on the wheel. If the wheel stops on Pachinko, this bonus game will be activated. With Pachinko, the host drops a disc into a large glass wall with all kinds of multipliers at the bottom. The disc doesn’t fall straight down, obstacles cause the disc to fall randomly into a multiplier. The multiplier in which the disc falls is activated on your bet.

Crazy Time

There is only one segment with Crazy Time. If the wheel ends on Crazy Time, this bonus game is activated. The host will open a red door and enters the Crazy Time Room. In the room there is a gigantic wheel of fortune full of multipliers. As a player, if you wagered on this bonus, you can choose one of the three possible flippers on which the wheel could end. The flippers are about 5 segments apart. The multiplier that stops at your flipper becomes active on your bet.

The Basic Multiplier

In addition to the wonderful bonuses, Crazy Time has a special feature. Once all players have placed their bets, the basic multiplier is selected. This is linked to one of the possible betting options.

Each game is played a basic multiplier once the players have placed their bets. This is linked to one of the possible betting options. If the result of the wheel is the same as that of the basic multiplier and you have also bet on this betting option, your bet will be multiplied by the multiplier. If the base multiplier is linked to a bonus, the base multiplier is multiplied by the multiplier resulting from the bonus. This can create gigantic multipliers of up to 100,000x the bet. Almost too “crazy” to be true.